Mara Dall Supports Julian Assange

Mara Dall supports Julian Assange in this TED interview

    In this TED interview, Julian Assange explains why we need Wikileaks.   Governments act in the name of the people, and they need to be held accountable.   Mainstream media is often ready to invade the privacy of individuals – but when it comes to exposing the exploits of government or big business, they are strangely silent.   […] Read more »

Mara Dall’s World – One Of Those Days

Mara Dall's world - one of those days

  It’s been one of those days. You know – one of those days when you really, really shouldn’t have got out of bed. I have to pick up a parcel at the post office – and the queue is almost out the door. I go shopping – and the broccoli is last week’s shipment, they are out of mineral […] Read more »

Mara Dall travels in Quito, Ecuador

La Virgen de Quito, Ecuador

  Mara Dall travels in Quito and shares some of the highlights of this beautiful city… * * * * * The city of Quito is close to the equator but 9300 feet (2850 metres) above sea level, nestled high up in the Andes mountains. Overlooking the city, guarding it from above, is La Virgen de Quito, reminding you of […] Read more »

Mara Dall Aikido in Japan

Mara Dall - nage demonstration

In February 1990 I went to Japan to train in aikido. No, actually I went to learn kiatsu, a healing technique developed by Tohei-sensei, who founded the Ki no Kenkyukai school of aikido… because I very much liked the way that they trained us in “Ki”. I completed a year of the 2 year course in kiatsu, but it was […] Read more »