Mara Dall Supports Julian Assange

Mara Dall supports Julian Assange in this TED interview

    In this TED interview, Julian Assange explains why we need Wikileaks.   Governments act in the name of the people, and they need to be held accountable.   Mainstream media is often ready to invade the privacy of individuals – but when it comes to exposing the exploits of government or big business, they are strangely silent.   […] Read more »

Johnny Cash had balls

Mara Dall's world - Johnny Cash San Quentin live

Johnny Cash – standing up for prison reform Johnny Cash was a passionate and vocal spokesman for prisoners’ rights. Two of his most famous albums were recorded live at Folsom Prison and San Quentin – 2 of the most notorious prisons of the time. But it’s much less well-known that these were only two of many prison concerts Johnny Cash performed […] Read more »