Jacarandas on the Brisbane River

Jacarandas at Kangaroo Point

Jacaranda trees are magical, and here in south-east Queensland they are particularly magnificent in October and November. They celebrate my birthday – and end of year exams. I figured that they would make a good subject for watercolour painting. So on our Urban Sketcher meet at Kangaroo Point – at the tail end of jacaranda season – I was on […] Read more »

Watercolour Pears

Watercolour pears

One of the final exercises for Jane Blundell’s course in Mastering Watercolour was to do watercolour pears in several different iterations. Each one used a limited palette of just 4 colours: a palette of 3 primaries plus Burnt Sienna. Painting apples in watercolour I was a bit anxious about this exercise… I had previously tried to paint apples in watercolour, […] Read more »

Peru Watercolour Journey: Pisac

Peruvian women at the market at Pisac

Being new to travel sketching, it’s still hard for me to overcome the self-consciousness of drawing and painting with an audience… The Pisac Sunday market began early, and continued until mid-afternoon. It’s the time and place for locals to get their weekly supplies, and to trade their goods. Some sections of the market cater primarily to tourists, and by 10 […] Read more »

Peru Watercolour Journey: Preparation

Yellow fever vaccination

Peru is a place of awesome visual grandeur, and I wanted to celebrate some of this in my travel sketching journals. The trip came at a time when I was still very much finding my identity as an artist. So this post includes an eclectic collection: cartoons, still-life, landscape, urban sketching. It’s all part of the journey… New Schminke Travel Palette […] Read more »