Peru Watercolour Journey: Pisac

Peruvian women at the market at Pisac

Being new to travel sketching, it’s still hard for me to overcome the self-consciousness of drawing and painting with an audience… The Pisac Sunday market began early, and continued until mid-afternoon. It’s the time and place for locals to get their weekly supplies, and to trade their goods. Some sections of the market cater primarily to tourists, and by 10 […] Read more »

Peru Watercolour Journey: Preparation

Yellow fever vaccination

Peru is a place of awesome visual grandeur, and I wanted to celebrate some of this in my travel sketching journals. The trip came at a time when I was still very much finding my identity as an artist. So this post includes an eclectic collection: cartoons, still-life, landscape, urban sketching. It’s all part of the journey… New Schminke Travel Palette […] Read more »

Footcare project – Peru

Checking feet for foot care project Peru

The Footcare Project was part of my trip to Peru in 2015, with Victoria and David Webby. David – a podiatrist – had organised a community project to visit some of the mountain villages around Pisac, prior to the formal part of the trip, to provide some simple education and assistance for foot care in the communities. These communities were […] Read more »

Mara Dall explores the Basilica in Quito

Mara Dall in Quito, Ecuador - Basilica nave

  …… Where Panama is dominated by its temples to Mammon, its banking towers, Ecuador reminds you of the energy and wealth that went into religion in the Spanish colonial era of the 17th century. Some of those buildings might be oppressively florid in their excesses, but you have to acknowledge their magnificence nonetheless. My favourite is the Basilica del […] Read more »

Mara Dall travels in Quito, Ecuador

La Virgen de Quito, Ecuador

  Mara Dall travels in Quito and shares some of the highlights of this beautiful city… * * * * * The city of Quito is close to the equator but 9300 feet (2850 metres) above sea level, nestled high up in the Andes mountains. Overlooking the city, guarding it from above, is La Virgen de Quito, reminding you of […] Read more »