Cartooning – Final Phase: Van Gogh

Mara Dall Cartooning-Off to Van Gogh

Now we enter the last phase of our cartoon journey. Van Gogh? It’s just the name of the new forum. I have no pretensions to imitate Van Gogh’s work… not just yet! This is one that I painstakingly copied from the original lithograph wood engravings by John Tenniel, who did the classic illustrations for “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through […] Read more »

Cartooning With Ink

Mara Dall cartooning with ink

Now we graduate from using pencil, and optional pen/ink work, to using a pen with a nib and Indian ink. This is a whole new world, and like any medium, takes time and effort to master.   This one is copied from Hilary Knight’s illustrations, from the book “Eloise Takes A Bawth” (by Kay Thompson). It’s done with a pen […] Read more »

Mara Dall Cartooning – more St Trinians

Mara Dall cartooning - more st trinians

Welcome to Mara Dall Cartooning – more St Trinians delights. The first is again a direct copy from Ronald Searle. This was a wonderful study in perspective as well as detail, expression, and contrast. One of my favourites! I attempted this three times, as well as tracing it. The perspective is deceptively tricky, and even this, my third attempt, is […] Read more »

Mara Dall Cartooning – Studying Ronald Searle: St Trinians

Mara Dall cartooning, from Ronald Searle, St Trinian's

Welcome to Mara Dall Cartooning – Studying Ronald Searle: St Trinians, where I share some of my explorations into Ronald Searle’s wonderful drawings of the terrible girls of St Trinian’s. The drawings display dark humour as well as Ronald Searle’s amazing eye for detail and exquisite draftsmanship – all of which I came to appreciate more and more as I […] Read more »

Mara Dall Cartooning – Studying Ronald Searle

Mara Dall cartooning - from Ronald Searle

Welcome to my Mara Dall Cartooning – Studying Ronald Searle page. These are from Jeffrey Archer’s Cat O’Nine Tales – my favourite book ever of short stories, with delightful characters, beautifully written stories that perfectly showcase Jeffrey Archer’s understated British humour… and Ronald Searle’s exquisite drawings. Ronald Searle died in 2011 – the same year as my father – though […] Read more »