Cartoons On The Battle For Scottish Independence

Cartoons on the battle for Scottish Independence

The Scots have been battling for their independence for just about forever… not as determinedly as the Irish, but resentment for the English overlords and their exploitation is very deep-seated. In September 2014 the issue went to the ballot box – and the independence faction lost the vote. In the end, the economic benefits outweighed national pride. Still, it was a close […] Read more »

Learning Cartooning

Learning cartooning - perspective

This post is not about learning cartooning. It’s a couple of cartoons on learning cartooning… My fellow students from Da Vinci will recognise these cartoons, and what they depict. And maybe some others will recognise it too… Learning perspective Learning conceptual cartooning My fellow Da Vinci students might recognise not only the situation but also themselves or their cartoon characters […] Read more »

What makes a cartoon funny?

Anxious Lion

Can humour be taught? Conceptual cartooning is like learning to surf… there is a fine point of balance that is exhilarating when you get it, neither too trite nor too incomprehensible. You are aiming for a concept that is unusual enough to catch attention, but will convey the idea in a flash. And just about all humour contains an element of incongruity… These […] Read more »

My Cartooning Journey

I started my cartooning journey in July 2013. Small steps, daily practice, and the teaching and support of the Da Vinci Cartooning Course with Sean D’Souza of Here is the slideshow video I made to show my progress. You can hit the pause button if you want to see more of any one of my drawings – it goes […] Read more »

Cartoon diary

Cartoons from my cartoon diary…. This is today’s cartoon: This one has been copied from one of Ronald Searle’s, from Jeffrey Archer’s “Cat O’Nine Tales” – one of my favourite books ever… Jeffrey Archer at his British best, and Ronald Searle as the perfect illustrator to capture the light humour of Archer’s stories…     Read more »