Footcare project – Peru

Footcare project Peru

The Footcare Project was part of my trip to Peru in 2015, with Victoria and David Webby. David – a podiatrist – had organised a community project to visit some of the mountain villages around Pisac, prior to the formal part of the trip, to provide some simple education and assistance for foot care in the communities. These communities were at high altitude, with magnificent views and poor, windswept soil that supported potatoes and llamas and alpacas and not much else.

The footwear of choice was a sandal (ojotas) made from recycled tyres. The sandals were tough and sturdy Рlike the people of the Andes. However, ojotas did not give much protection to the feet Рnot from the weather, nor from other hazards.

David – Dr Dave – wanted to produce a simple poster with illustrations to show basic foot care, and he asked me to do the illustrations. He gave me the concepts he wanted to convey, and I went to work with my pen.

Check your feet for blisters

Checking feet for foot care project Peru

Cut your toenails correctly

Cut your toenails correctly

Make sure your ojotas are the right size

Correct fit for sandals

Correct fit for sandals

If you get blisters, cover them with a bandaid or cream

Cover blisters with a bandaid


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