Family Support in Logan

Family Support in Logan artwork

During 2015, working for a family support service in Logan, I was approached to design a logo for our new program. The logo needed to represent our multicultural community, as well as our work to support families.

This was the result…

The concept went through several iterations, as all creative work does.

Here is the original ink and pencil sketch:

family support in logan - ink

I coloured the scanned ink-work in Photoshop, and added some extra elements. Why not a possum in a tree, and a family of ducks walking down the road?

Family support in Logan_ducks

And we wanted to have a strong indigenous Australian element. I’m not indigenous and I have no training or experience with indigenous art. I felt very tentative about appropriating elements of indigenous art – the genuine indigenous art has sacred meaning, and I didn’t feel good about using it insensitively.

I liked the Rainbow Serpent, however:

Family support in Logan- Rainbow Serpent

Well, this was all getting a bit much!

So we (regretfully) got rid of the Rainbow Serpent, and the possum too. And replaced the ducks with echidnas. And added a koala playing a didgeridoo… why not?

Family Support in Logan artwork

The finished artwork is now getting distributed all over Logan, on postcards, email footers, and brochures.

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