Peru Watercolour Journey: Pisac

Peruvian women at the market at Pisac

Being new to travel sketching, it’s still hard for me to overcome the self-consciousness of drawing and painting with an audience…

The Pisac Sunday market began early, and continued until mid-afternoon. It’s the time and place for locals to get their weekly supplies, and to trade their goods. Some sections of the market cater primarily to tourists, and by 10 am the square is packed.

Mara-sketching-at-Pisac-marketI arrived early and bought a coffee at a cafe on the square – which got me a seat, and a table, with a good view of the proceedings. I started sketching in pencil, then began to play with colour, and by the time my paints were out I was so absorbed in capturing the scene that I forgot about the audience. I attracted the attention of both locals and tourists… but the subject of my drawing did not appear too impressed when I showed it to her when I finished…

Pisac lunchtime cafe

I was attracted to this scene because of the bright red tables and chairs as a focal point, set in the challenging perspective of the narrow streets and the lovely Peruvian stone buildings. I wanted to capture the beautiful textures and colours of the stonework… I also would have liked to catch the Andes mountains in the background, but this would have been too difficult in a 6″ X 6″ sketchbook…

I also drew my lunch. I have never felt particularly drawn to the “draw your food” tradition, but in the interests of learning and practice, I had a go:


Here’s a sketch of one of the three wheel taxis found throughout Peru:


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