Peru Watercolour Journey: Preparation

Peru is a place of awesome visual grandeur, and I wanted to celebrate some of this in my travel sketching journals. The trip came at a time when I was still very much finding my identity as an artist. So this post includes an eclectic collection: cartoons, still-life, landscape, urban sketching. It’s all part of the journey…

New Schminke Travel Palette

Travel Schminke watercolour palette

Since my teens – and an early passion for bush-walking, and being able to carry all my immediate needs with me – I’ve been drawn to lightweight and compact versions of things.

When I saw this Schminke travel palette, I knew I had to have it!

The palette is supposed to hold 6 half pans in each of 2 rows, but it’s an easy squeeze to fit 7 pans. Some travel sketchers remove the metal framework and then it’s possible to fit in another row of half-pans, using blue-tac to hold them in. But I rather like being able to include a travel brush in the set. (This is an Escoda #6 round brush, a good size if you have to choose just one.)

I’ve had great fun choosing which colours to include… it’s still a moveable feast, and the good thing about this set-up is that I can make as many changes as I want, just by filling a new half-pan with paint. (I fill the pans myself from tube colours, rather than buying the more expensive half-pan watercolours.)

I’ve also added to my travel brush collection, and include a small spray bottle for moistening the paints, some pencils and various drawing implements, and a water container. More on that in another post…

But I can say that I love my Schminke travel palette – it’s a really nice design, with enough mixing compartments, and paint pans to suit a good range of travel sketching needs.

Getting ready to travel

Yellow fever vaccination

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