Sketching around Perth, Western Australia


Marmion Beach sketch

Perth on the western coast of Australia has different seascapes than on the east coast, with more rocks and less of the wide expanses of sand than on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. And more interesting for sketching as well…

This is the first watercolour in a new sketchbook: Handbook journal, 9cm X 20 cm.

The panoramic format is great for most landscape and urban sketching subjects – though the scale is quite small. At this size, you have to really think about the main shapes and overall composition, and that is not a bad thing.

The sketch was done en plein air, and completed on site, while sitting uncomfortably on the rocks…

Here is my photo of the scene, taken in the early morning before it began to get too hot:

Marmion Beach - photo


The colours are gorgeous, and it might be worth another visit, and a larger painting…

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