Watercolour Cartoons – Still Life

I’m discovering why beginners in watercolour painting begin with still life studies – by choosing a simple object, you are forced to focus on the details of colour and shape, and especially on the light and shadows within the colour of an object.

Still Life – White Mug

I did this from a tutorial in a book, with a white jug, but used a white mug of my own as a model.

It’s amazing how rich the colour highlights and shadows are, in a simple white porcelain mug!

White mug still life cartoon


Market Goodies

Another still life study.

I got carried away with the luscious rich colours and shapes at the local Farmers’ Market… vegetables vibrant with life and colour.

I added the cartoon figure just to keep it from being too clichéd… which is a bit of a risk with still life paintings especially.

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