Cartooning – Final Phase: Van Gogh

Now we enter the last phase of our cartoon journey.

Van Gogh? It’s just the name of the new forum.

I have no pretensions to imitate Van Gogh’s work… not just yet!

Off to Van Gogh

This is one that I painstakingly copied from the original lithograph wood engravings by John Tenniel, who did the classic illustrations for “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. Mine is not quite so finely detailed as his – but demanded several hours of patient work, nevertheless.

It’s not a technique I plan to take on as a regular part of my repertoire – but it was extremely valuable practice, all the same, to discover what I could do, initially with 4 pencils of varying grades of hardness, and in this final version, with an ink and nib pen.

…and I love the humour of this….


Cartoon diary piece:

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