How To Live Off Grid And Escape The Matrix

If you’ve ever thought of getting away from it all, you’re not alone.
But now there is a whole movement of people who are really doing it – finding ways to live off grid, sustainably, being happy with a small space of their own.
Meet some of the people who are doing it…


A homemade tiny home

This video shows how Jenine Alexander built her own tiny home for less than $3500, using recycled materials. She shows us and tells us about her reclaimed floors, windows and beams, her ample storage space and her expandable roof and she talks about why living small helps her live simply and more comfortably.
As with many tiny houses, this one is built on a trailer, not only to get around minimum building standards, but because the price of land in the town she lives (Healdsburg, California) is so expensive.



Her use of recycled materials is inspired and the result is a uniquely beautiful creation… her own tiny home, and free to move when she needs to.
Read more on Jenine’s blog.


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