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Mara Dall's world - one of those days


It’s been one of those days.

You know – one of those days when you really, really shouldn’t have got out of bed.

I have to pick up a parcel at the post office – and the queue is almost out the door.

I go shopping – and the broccoli is last week’s shipment, they are out of mineral water, my favourite chocolate, Green & Black organic, is on special but they are out of stock of the 85% cocoa, the one I like.

Petrol is at its weekly low price at Shell – my tank is empty, and I drive in… I have a thick stack of discount vouchers, the 8 cent off ones – but I go through them one by one, checking the dates – and the only one not out of date is one for Woolworths Caltex.

I got a good start to the day – was up early, got to work and finished the writing project I was working on – but then the day hit the skids and went downhill and never recovered.

Some days, things just get out of kilter.

The energy is wrong, the tuning is off, ever so slightly – but it leads to a day of “not quite” – a day where nothing works out.

The rice is a bit over-salted, the broccoli a bit over-cooked, the eggplant casserole is not quite right.

So now I need to change the energy, pull up out of this downward spin…

What has been good about the day?

1) I did finish off my writing project. (Sure, I should have uploaded it as well, but I’ll do that tomorrow…. today, it would have been asking for trouble!)

2) the painful knot in my lower back has disappeared – it took determined effort, but it’s gone! (and I hadn’t even noticed until now.)

3) Right here, right now, I am safe, and I am fed, warm, and dry, with running water and a hot shower to look forward to, and a comfortable bed. I have a room full of books, and my laptop to keep me busy and engaged. I have coffee, good coffee, for the morning, and a pleasant place to write in the morning light, before it gets too hot.

It has been raining, enough to keep things green but not so much that it will cause flooding, and there are no fires here.

For this sufficiency, I am thankful.

It’s enough.

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