Julian Assange for Senate and end the war on whistleblowers




Julian Assange will run for the Senate in the Aussie elections this September – announced from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has been granted asylum since June 2012.


His mother, Christine Assange,  confirmed it.

This is good news.

As she put it:

In the House of Representatives we get to choose between US lackey party number one and US lackey party number two – between the major parties.

Read more about his announcement here.

Ecuador is an enlightened and cultured country, not a lackey of US empire.

While British police patrol the embassy, in an attempt to intimidate Julian and extradite him to Sweden on trumped up charges, & thence undoubtedly to a US hellhole prison, Ecuador supports his right to a fair deal.


End the war on whistleblowers

Julian speaks with dignity and power from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, calling for an end to the war on whistleblowers:






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